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Preparing our workplace to cope with Coronavirus/Covid-19

June 2020 - From the start of the National lockdown, agriculture and the food sector were declared as an essential service.  The harvesting and storage of all farm products fall under the definition of food as an essential product. Although our packing and export season had already finish when the pandemic hit South Africa and the lockdown was implemented, we [...]

British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard Version 8 certification

May 2020 - Dippenaar Choice Fruit is proud to announce that all our pack houses have successfully completed their certification for the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Version 8. We are exceptionally proud of our in-house HACCP team. BRC Global Standard is a market leading global industry standard that builds confidence in the supply chain and the standards of [...]

We are covering some of our vineyards with nets

July 2020 - We are installing overhead netting over some of our vineyards. The overhead nets create a moderate micro-climate in the vineyards which optimises the growing conditions of the vines. The nets protect the vines from birds, excessive sun and wind and provide protection against hail. The nets also reduce evaporation and therefore reduce water usage. The nets provide [...]

Planting 50 hectares: Replacing old vineyards and expanding with new vineyards

June 2020 - We are replacing and expanding our vineyards during Winter 2020. This year we will be planting 50 hectares of vineyards on our various farms and we tackle this big task during the winter months. This includes vineyards that we are replacing and new vineyards that we are planting on land that has not been previously planted.  The [...]

Dippenaar Choice Fruit Stand at Fruit Logistica, Berlin

  February 2020 - Fruit Logistica is one of the most important international fresh produce trade shows and is held annually in Berlin in Germany during February. This year, Dippenaar Choice Fruit attended the show and also had our own stand at the show. Having our own stand this year was extremely successful as it allowed us to show our [...]

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