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Our Grapes

Dippenaar Choice Fruit markets red, white and black seedless grapes. Varieties are carefully selected to meet the demand of discerning international consumers, to fit into the early, mid and late season production slots and to produce the maximum yield while keeping input costs as low as possible.

The varieties are also selected for their ability to produce grapes in the region’s very hot, dry summer months. Dippenaar Choice Fruit is also constantly exploring the availability and suitability of improved new table grape varieties.

Grape Calendar

White Seedless

Early Sweet

The first grapes to ripen. Highly productive with a muscat flavour and a good shelf life. Good berry size 18- 22mm, round to oval shaped berries.
Harvest weeks 45 – 46


Ripens 1 week after Early Sweet. Good berry size 18- 22mm, oval shaped berries. Thin skin, muscat flavour when mature. High yields.
Harvest weeks 46 – 50


Mid-Season white seedless with large oval shaped berries size 20-22mm. Firm and very crisp berries. Slight muscat flavour when mature. Moderate yields. Harvest weeks 49 – 1

Thompson Seedless

Still regarded as the best white seedless variety commercially available. Elongated berries 17-20mm. Thin skin, crisp outstanding quality, good sugar:acid ratio.
Harvest weeks 51 – 4

Arra 15

Later than Thompson Seedless. Very little labour required. High yields with a good hanging and storage capacity. Sugar levels can reach 27 brix and the berry size 22mm – 24mm.
Harvest weeks 1 – 2

Red Seedless

Flame Seedless

An attractive red seedless variety, very crisp and juicy. This is the earliest red seedless variety available.
Harvest weeks 48 – 51

Ralli Seedless

A very attractive red seedless with a bright pink colour. Berries are large 18 – 22mm. Very crunchy texture, thin skin, slight muscat flavour when mature.
Harvest weeks 50 – 1


Around 10 days later than Ralli Seedless and produces large berries with a striking ‘magenta pink’ colour. The Flavour is also unique, reminiscent of cherries.
Harvest weeks 1 – 3


Timco ripens just before Crimson and produces large crops of big, uniform berries with a great flavour. It is more productive than Crimson and requires no ethephon for colouring. Harvest weeks 1- 2


This is an excellent mid-season red seedless with exceptional, ‘fruity’ flavour due to the perfect sugar-acid balance. This variety has a large berry size and crisp texture. Harvest weeks 51 – 1

Red Seeded

Black Seedless

Red Globe

A mid-season red seeded variety. Very large round berries 24 – 26m. Colours light pink. Good yields. Minimal labour input requires. Harvest weeks 2 – 4


The earliest black seedless variety. Colour deep purple to black. Elongated berries with good size 18 – 20. Very Crunchy with pleasant taste. Thin skin. Good yields. Harvest Week 49 – 52


This is a superb black seedless which ripens just before Autumn Royal. Full black colour is achieved naturally. Melody is highly productive and has large, fully flavoured berries and crisp texture.