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Our post harvest comment on the recent 2017/18 export harvest

July 2018: DCF is very pleased with the results of the past harvest despite the the fact that our final figures were 9% lower than the initial September 2017 crop estimate.  The early and new varieties were mostly affected with smaller bunches and berry sizes. The later Thompson Seedless yielded better than estimates and was of very good quality. The [...]

Celebrating our first packing season in our new Bellevue pack house

March 2018: During 2017 we constructed a new pack house on our Bellevue farm and the recent harvest was the first season that the new pack house was operational. Currently the pack house has two active packing lines, but the building has been designed with the space and capacity to add additional lines as the farm’s productions expand and grow. [...]

Handheld tablets assist with real time quality control in our pack houses

February 2018: We have recently introduced the use of the DiPar quality management system in two of our pack houses. This system utilises hand held tablets to record real-time quality parameters. This is extremely useful as it allows our quality control team to react immediately when any out-of-specification fruit data is captured and assists our pack house managers to respond [...]