Grand View

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Rudi Lombaard (Production Manager), AJ Basson (Junior Production Manager)
Berend Olifant (Assistant Manager), Doreen Mongala (Assistant Manager), Dorcas Kgetsi (Assistant Manager), Alfred Magabe (Assistant Manager)

In 2012 Alwyn and Pieter Dippenaar bought Melkbosrant and have since renamed this farm Grand View. At the time the farm had 33ha under production. Varieties include Prime, Flame, Ivory, Thompson Seedles, Magenta, Timco, Allison and Melody. Since then the vineyards have been expanded by a further 17ha and at 50 ha this is now the largest of the farms within the group. It also has the potential to expand by a further 100ha.

A new pack house was built in 2013 that has a daily packing capacity of 10 000 cartons. The pack house was fitted with the MARCO packing technology in 2016.