From 2020 to 2021 Revolute Systems scanned all the soils in the Dippenaar Choice Fruit vineyards. We did this to determine the nature and position of the different soil types in the vineyards, as while the vines in certain areas thrive and produce well, others growing just further down the same row struggle. The variation in soil types influences how vines can absorb water and nutrients.

These soil scans have provided us with the specific nutrient needs for each area, and we have subsequently bought very sophisticated fertilizer spreaders from Red Ant Agri. These fertilizer spreaders can provide for the fertilizer needs of each vine in our vineyards. They are operated via Bluetooth from a handheld device according to prepared fertilizer application mapping software. Each map is of a specific area in the vineyards that was scanned and then uploaded onto the handheld device. Following these applications, we have been monitoring the subsequent development of the vineyards by satellite and we can already observe an improvement in the increased uniformity in growth.