des_frozenHow to cook a delightful summer hors d’oeuvre called frozen grapes. The recipe is an ancient Chinese secret but I am sharing it with the world for the first time because everyone needs to know about this delicious treat.


10 clove(s) Seedless Grape
6 cup(s)  Water
1 container(s) Container


  1. First, obtain a bag full of Seedless Grape.. The red grapes are supposedly sweeter, but you can also use green grapes if you don’t mind a bit of sourness. Regardless of which color you use, the next step is to wash the pieces of grape.
  2. Pour the 6 cups of water tenderly over the grape pieces, lightly massaging them. Perform this step over a kitchen sink to avoid spilling water and spiders on your countertop or floor.
  3. Next, place the pieces of grape inside of the container. I have found that a ceramic bowl is exceptionally well-suited for placing the grape pieces inside of.
  4. When the grape bits are safely inside of the container, move the container into your freezer. Close the door promptly to avoid making all the cold air fall out.
  5. Now it is time to play the waiting game. Cooking times may vary depending on your freezer’s individual level of freeziness, but I have found that 60 minutes typically yields a well-frozen piece of grape. For best results, check on them every two minutes until they seem sufficiently solid.
  6. When they are frozen to your specifications, gently remove the container from the freezer. Begin plucking pieces of grape from inside the container and put them inside of your mouth, being careful not to miss. Enjoy the delicious flavor and texture!